New INDEX ABC: More dynamics, less preparation

The machine concept is convincing: The compact design and the high performance values are guaranteed with unrivaled low space requirements. The INDEX ABC has two tool turrets with 14 tool holders. An upper turret with 7 tool stations plus a fixed station for holding a synchronous spindle (for chuck or collet clamping) and a lower turret with 6 additional tool holders. The highly dynamic work spindle and the simultaneous machining with up to 3 tools allow a highly efficient manufacturing of our products - and that in best time.

2021 New automatic CNC lathe: Star SR-20 R IV type A

With the CNC Swiss type lathe SR-20R IV our machine park has experienced further growth. It is the latest development in the tried and tested SR-20 series from Star Micronics. In addition to the already existing innovative performance features of an SR-20R III, the SR-20R IV has been supplemented by an additional B-axis and a Y-axis on the rear side. Also, with eight backside tools, there are more options available for time-hidden machining. This enables us to exploit the full time potential and to further minimize piece times.

Precision in top time!

2021 Restamping certificate according to pressure equipment directive

The company Lauble GmbH was granted the certificate of qualification for restamping according to the Pressure Equipment Directive of the EU by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH on March 31, 2021. Thus, we are approved as a supplier for the proper restamping of products. This approval was subject to the following conditions, which are met by us without restriction:
- Suitable company organization
- Clearly arranged storage
- Competent plant employees
- Defined identification marks
- Preparation of operating records on re-stamped parts
- Assurance of an annual unannounced inspection by TÜV SÜD-IS

This certificate thus ensures that the restamping of products at Lauble GmbH is carried out on the basis of suitable measures - and in the best possible time!

2021 New laser Marking System

Our own demands on ourselves and our products are constantly increasing: we want to be able to respond even faster, more precisely, more individually and more flexibly to our customers' needs. With the latest addition to our machine family, we have succeeded in finding the ideal answer to all these challenges, while at the same time expanding our portfolio.

Our compact laser marking system is ideal for engraving and temper marking. No matter if metals, plastics or organic materials. It combines medium power with brilliant beam quality and delivers perfect results. This enables us to offer economical laser material processing even for small to medium quantities - and with the usual high quality. Precision in best time!

2020 Energy management according to DIN ISO 50001:2018

As a metal processing company, we need most of the energy we purchase for the production of our products and the associated processes. We recognized early on that the efficient use of electricity, heat, gas and fuels makes a fundamental contribution to more resource-efficient production. Various findings on demand values, savings potentials and optimization possibilities were systematically determined. Now, the energy management standards that have already been passed have been confirmed by certification according to DIN ISO 50001. This standard is the right tool for us to be able to continuously increase our energy efficiency in the future.

2020 Environmental management according to DIN ISO 14001:2015

As an industrial company, we have been dealing intensively with the topic of the environment for years. Now we have completed the comprehensive revision of our environmental management system with the successful certification according to DIN ISO 14001. Through a holistic and long-term approach, we succeed in systematically improving our environmental impact step by step. Relevant impacts have already been identified and avoided or reduced through appropriate organizational or technical measures. This system consolidates, and at the same time ensures, a continuous increase in the responsible and environmentally friendly use of existing resources.

2019 Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Best quality is not a coincidence, but the result of quality work and consistent quality assurance. Therefore, we are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. For new parts, you will receive an initial sample test report according to VDA 3rd edition with the first delivery. In addition, you will receive QM plans, PPAP, FMEA, SPC inspections and outgoing goods inspection reports from us on request, as well as investigations into test equipment capability, machine capability and process capability.


In the new year, we set another milestone in our company. With the appointment of Sascha Auber and Timo Auber as additional managing directors, the next generation is moving up. In their new roles, the two brothers ensure stability, continuity, but also new impulses at the management level. Sascha and Timo Auber are looking forward to the new challenge and continue to stand for customer- and employee-oriented action, meeting the highest demands for precision, best quality, ecological thinking and investing in the future.


50th company anniversary, expansion of the company by 1000 m² to now 2700 m², increase of the machine park, installation of a heat recovery system, with Sascha and Timo Auber the next generation is ready.


Implementation of a MDE/BDE system to control the operating processes in production.


35 employees, introduction of three-shift operation, expansion of quality assurance with state-of-the-art measuring machines.


Expansion of the production area to now a total of 1700 m², number of employees exceeded by 25


Construction of a new facility in Dunningen, with state-of-the-art CNC machines, workforce of 18 employees.


Daughter Sonja Auber and son Günther Lauble move up to the management, change of name to "Lauble GmbH, Präzisionsdrehteile".


Relocation and expansion of production, start of training of skilled workers.


Additional production facility in Lauterbach, three employees are employed.


Company name as "Wilhelm Lauble Fassondrehteile".


Production of jig handles and finishing of turned parts by Wilhelm Lauble and wife Martha, after work, in their own garage.