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Dynamic production lathe

More dynamics, less setup - unsurpassed power density

  • 65(60) mm spindle capacity
  • 6.000 min-1 Speed max
  • 27(29) kW Power max
  • 145 Nm Torque max
  • Produces simple as well as complex automatic and NC turned parts quickly, highly flexibly and economically
  • Up to 19 tools are available for highly flexible machining
  • Driven tools for both turrets

12 axes controlled CNC lathe

  • spindle passage : 65 mm
  • length of bars : 3000 mm
  • Number of turrets: 3
  • spindle diameter in front bearing: 110 mm
  • speed of rotation: 6000 rpm
  • number of tools: 12

Production lathe - for faster machining

Optimal for bar machining and complex workpieces

  • 42mm spindle diameter
  • 110mm chuck diameter
  • 515mm turning length
  • Simultaneous machining with 2 or 3 turrets
  • High acceleration (1g) and high rapid traverse rates (60m/min)
  • Tool carrier with Y-axis available on main and counter spindle
  • Maximum part variety due to 3 turrets and 42 tools
INDEX C100 01
INDEX C100 02
INDEX C100 03
INDEX C100 04

Production lathe for highly productive bar machining

The C200 - a turning machine for complex workpieces

  • 65(90) mm spindle diameter
  • 160 mm chuck diameter
  • 710 mm turning length
  • Fast production of bar turned parts
  • Generous working area for complete machining of workpieces
  • The INDEX SingleSlide guide system ensures significantly higher dynamics
  • High acceleration (1g) and high rapid traverse rates (60 m/min)
INDEX C200 01
INDEX C200 02
StarCNC Swiss type lathe SR-20R IV

Is the latest development of the tried and tested "SR-20" series.

The SR-20R IV has an additional B-axis and a Y-axis on the back.

With 8 backside tools more possibilities of time covered machining are available.

CNC-Langdrehautomat SR-20R IV
CNC-Langdrehautomat SR-38
CNC automatic lathe SR-38

The new SR-38 type A/B automatic sliding headstock lathe has an extended material passage of 38 mm compared to its proven "little brother SR-20R IV".

The swiveling B-axis offers additional transverse machining possibilities.

Compared to its proven "little brother SR-20R IV", the new SR-38 type A/B automatic sliding headstock lathe has an extended material passage of 38 mm. In addition, roughing and finishing can be performed simultaneously on the linear carrier (X3 axis).


The universal setting and measuring device for CNC turning production.

  • Versatile - Flexible turret table mounting entirely as required.
  • Universal - A single measuring device for almost all different tool holders
  • Simple - Convenient controls and user-friendly software
  • Time-saving - Turret table equipment with frequently required fixtures
  • Stable - Special alloy and stable construction
  • Economical - Consistent use of brand products and best price-performance ratio
Tool management

With the functional scope of the SILVER package, you can organize your individual components, complete tools and setup sheets as well as your accessories economically. All tools and tool components are centrally recorded, created and managed in one place. Numerous interfaces enable the connection to CAM systems.

  • One-time data creation in the central tool database z.One
  • Setup sheets and setup plans with unique tool definitions and component graphics
  • Time savings in the CAM and setup process due to clear component and tool definitions
Warehouse management

With the SILVER package from ZOLLER, your tools are in the right place at all times - efficient warehouse management is guaranteed. In addition, use this software package to manage all your operating resources, such as measuring equipment, fixtures and NC program

  • Systematic management of individual components and complete tools
  • Integrated circulation control of all existing tools
  • Hit-flop list - for optimal inventory control
  • Tool monitoring - for quality control and wear analysis
Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 500

Flexible solution for small parts and light goods

The Shuttle XP is an extremely flexible solution for storing and retrieving small-volume items. At a width of up to 4.05 meters, the unit accommodates a payload of up to 560 kg.

The Kardex shuttles not only optimize our existing storage capacities, but also make our tool preparation process even more efficient and faster - precision in top time!

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 500
Die Virtuelle Maschine von INDEXThe Virtual Machine from INDEX

"Who knows the real machine, also knows the Virtual Machine."

  • 3D model from the design with all INDEX tool carriers, spindles
  • Simulation of machining
  • Collision monitoring
  • Reduction of set-up time due to simple troubleshooting on the PC
  • Identical behavior of the virtual and the real machine
  • Optimization of cycle time
Die Virtuelle Maschine von INDEX
Die Virtuelle Maschine von INDEX
Die Virtuelle Maschine von INDEX
Hoffmann Group"Europe's No.1 for quality tools"

"Tools have been our passion since 1919. The annually updated range includes over 500 of the world's leading manufacturer brands as well as our own premium brand GARANT and quality brand HOLEX."

  • Around 80,000 quality tools
  • over 500 manufacturer brands
  • own premium brand GARANT
  • own quality brand HOLEX.

Professional tools must be absolutely reliable and functional.

Europas Nr.1 für Qualitätswerkzeuge
GewatecSoftware for production

The offer includes complete or MES solutions consisting of software modules for costing, production planning control, production control station for capacity planning, machine and production data acquisition, production resource management with CNC program transfer, energy management and quality management.

  • Calculation software
  • PPS software
  • MES software
  • Quality management
  • Machine data collection
  • Production data acquisition Personnel time
Software für die Produktion